Skyline Model United Nations

Please visit our "Events" section for more information regarding our upcoming SkyMUN conference!


Our Model United Nations team based at Skyline College has been thriving in the virtual environment, involving students from not only Skyline College, but CSM and Canada College as well.

Each week, we meet to plan for Model United Nations conferences, where we either attend or host a conference that simulates a formal environment for debate, typically regarding international politics.

At these conferences, participants play an assigned role, trying their best to advocate for their role's best interests in settings in historical fiction or roles in current international bodies. From the Court of Versaille to the UN General Assembly, our members take part in rigorous debate, developing research skills to prepare for their roles.

When we are not preparing for a conference, we discuss current events and share public events in our community that we can attend as a team.

upcoming events

SkyMUN Conference
Friday, May 7
3/4pm - 9pm

We are hosting our very own virtual conference over Zoom! For first-timers, we will hold a MUN 101 presentation from 3pm to 4pm to answer any questions!

Participants are encouraged to access each committee's background guide to inform themselves on each topic.


Please choose your committee on the Google Form and register on the Zoom link!

We have two committees, and the background guides are linked below:


3pm - 4pm: MUN 101 Tutorial
4pm - 4:30: Opening Ceremony
4:30 - 8:30: Committee Session
8:30 - 9pm: Closing Ceremony

Please contact us via our email at [email protected] if you have any questions!


We are always looking for new members!

If you are interested in learning more about the club, or if your organization is interested in working with us, please send us an email at [email protected]

We also have Instagram and Twitter!